My papers are available at my Google Scholar page. Please email me for drafts that are not listed at the link or for papers that are behind a paywall. I would be happy to send you a copy.


Misperceptions of Relative Affluence and Support for International Redistribution. The Journal of Politics 80 (3), 815-830, 2018.

Violence Exposure and Ethnic Identification: Evidence from Kashmir. International Organization. With Nicholas Sambanis.

Economic Origins of Democratic Breakdown? The Redistributive Model and the Postcolonial State. Perspectives on Politics 12 (2), 353-374, 2014. With Dan Slater and Benjamin Smith.

Off-grid Energy Services for the Poor: Introducing LED Lighting in the Millennium Villages Project in Malawi. Energy Policy 38 (2), 1087-1097, 2010. With Edwin Adkins, Sandy Eapen, Flora Kaluwile, and Vijay Modi.

Working Papers

The Public Provision of Private Goods in Developing Democracies.

The Rise of the Right in Modernizing India.

Subjective Perceptions and the Demand for Redistribution in the United States. With Annabelle Hutchinson.

Ethnic Quotas and the Distribution of Public Benefits in India: A Replication and Reanalysis of Dunning and Nilekani (2013). With Hari Ramesh.

Selected Work in Progress

Curbing Vote Buying: Evidence from a Field Experiment. With Hari Ramesh.

The Fortunes of Minorities under Majoritarian Democracy.