Welcome! I conduct research in comparative and international political economy, and focus primarily on the politics of democracy and redistribution.

I’m currently a Dissertation Fellow at the Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania. I will join the faculty of the Harvard Kennedy School as an Assistant Professor of  Public Policy in the summer of 2020. I received my PhD with distinction from Yale University.

I have published in The Journal of Politics and International Organization. My work is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, and the Leitner Political Economy Program at Yale. My CV is available here. In case you would like to get in touch, you can reach me at

I have taught in Yale’s political science department and business school as well as the Wharton School at Penn. My teaching interests include comparative politics, international political economy, distributive politics, business-government relations, the politics of South Asia, and quantitative methods.

I was born and raised in India. I have a BA in economics from Colby College and an MA from the Social Sciences Division at the University of Chicago. Previously I worked at Innovations for Poverty Action and at the Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University.

Photo credit: Rukmini Thakore.

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